Growing, Growing and Growing

April 08, 2015

Growing and Growing and Growing

It has been way too long since our last blog. These amazing flowers deserve an apology from me, for not talking them up more. What can I say, flowers, I am sorry for not writing more about you!

I can guarantee you lots of tips on this blog, but I'd first like to update you on what is growing here in our small family business.

We ended our third business year and jumped into our forth with full force. Word of mouth is truly how we've been able to remain open and keep sales up.

As everyone was celebrating the fall and winter holidays, we were busy planning for a little holiday called Valentine's Day. You might have heard of it? It's one of our biggest and, undoubtedly most stressful times of year and we knew this year would be no different. Perhaps even a bit scary—at least, they always are to me—since much is expected all at once. I know that many find it questionable as to why flowers are so expensive this time of year and perhaps even that the flowers seem less fresh.

If I can give you some advice, I would say this: Please get flowers year 'round rather than once a year. It definitely won't be as expensive and the flowers won't be as stressed, thus leaving you disappointed.

We start planning for Valentine's Day at least four months in advance, so imagine what it takes to meet the demands of the season and still provide the best quality and service to those we hold in the highest esteem, you—our customer. Think of all the man power it takes to make it all happen on February 14th.

It's just a thought. "Just because…" flowers are the best gift anyway! Isn't it better to give an unexpected bouquet of flowers, rather than do it just because it's expected?

On another note, my lead designer—AKA, me—and my second in command ended up getting our big wish! We are both expecting our first child, one in April and one in May! So, there's been quite a bit growing around our little shop lately!

Speaking of growing, Spring brings all the beautiful flowers to our shop, where they stop off for some TLC before you give them a final home. If you live in Austin, you must come see them! They are truly gorgeous and, although we can't grow a huge variety in this drought stricken area, what we can grow is mesmerizing.

Our business has grown so much that we've even added to our crew. We give you the best service because we hire the best people! Our outstanding delivery service always makes sure your flowers get where they need to go, when they need to get there.

Now, for a tips. If you get a custom design from us, may I suggest the following to truly make them last:

  • Always, always make sure all stems can drink water. Some may be not reach the bottom of the vase because of their angle—so keep plenty of water in your glass vase.
  • Add a tiny bit of bleach to the water. If you do this the bleach will kill any bacteria that may form in the water and/or opening of the stem, preventing the flower from drinking and ultimately causing it to die.
  • Cut a tiny bit of the stem off each day. This will help to keep bacteria from forming.
  • Make sure they also stay cool during these hot summer days. If you are A/C conscious and leave it at 80 during the hot summer days while you are away, your flowers will not make it.
  • Keep away from your pets. In case you have any pets that may want to snack on them, try to keep them out of their reach because as you know flowers are quite delicate.

Finally, a little secret about flowers that not many of us think about. These beauties that have traveled from thousands of miles to get to us need attention like any other living creature; so add water, talk to them and keep them happy in a nice cool place. I promise if you take care of them with some simple stem maintenance, they will last longer.

Now go enjoy your flowers and enjoy your day!

And like I always say thank you for your trust, business and support!