Keeping flowers alive

July 07, 2014

Your flowers really do last.

We hear that quite often at the shop, but sometimes we hear the opposite. Of course, there are several reasons why they last—and why they don't.

It is all about the care.

The flowers we buy arrive in Austin and quickly receive the proper care. The wholesaler makes sure they get exactly what they need—clean water and a cool atmosphere. Once we get the flowers, we strip them of their foliage and clean them up so they are ready for their new home.

As for the foliage, it is very important that none of it gets in the water. Foliage will become a pollutant and ultimately, can be the cause of your flowers’ untimely death. Clean water is a simple and absolute must, but something that many overlook, unfortunately.

What exactly do we mean when we say ‘clean water’?

We actually change the water our flowers are in every single day. We recycle that water and use it for our plants.

Just as clean water is essential, so is the water level in your vase. Not all flowers are cut the same or grow to the same height. So it is crucial that you keep the vase filled all the way to the top with water. Because they are constantly drinking, the level may fall below that of some of the stems—leaving them to die.

Also, we highly recommend trimming the stems, as the opening may have developed some bacteria from the water. Even if the water doesn’t look dirty to you, we highly recommend a fresh cut and clean water.

The bottom line? If you get your flowers and just leave them on your table with no care at all, they will die too soon. The water will get dirty and the level will get too low for some of the stems. We also advise never putting them in direct sunlight or leaving them in your car or outside in the Texas heat.

Our flowers last because we believe in quality and we make sure our flowers have a home within days of their arrival, if not the very day they arrive