Picture your flowers opening.

July 23, 2014

These days, everyone has access to a camera. Between our phones, our tablets and all the digital cameras out there, it's more unheard of if you DON'T have a camera.

I love pictures and I REALLY love pictures of flowers, but not every picture tells the whole story.

As an example, I snapped a photo with my iPhone camera (picture above) and sent it off to a customer. She did not love the iPhone picture of my flowers. As a matter of fact, she said, "That doesn't look like your work, I don't like it."

I tried to explain that sometimes pictures don't accurately portray what has gone into the design. The lighting can be wrong, the colors can be distorted, the angle may not have been right-- or perhaps it's just not a good picture.

This happened a few Fridays ago and I just haven't had the time to write about it. In truth, it hurt a little and that carried on for most of the weekend.

The arrangement was made for a couple I actually know. I am very familiar with their style and I thought I had captured well. The receiver of that photo disagreed 100%. Then there was the fact that one particular flower was too open. That is our fault in a sense because we did tell her they were, "Pretty Closed. Not fully opened."

YES some flowers open too quickly, we know. This Texas heat does not help Peonies stay nice and tight-- quite the opposite. Unfortunately, I don't have control over that. So next time someone asks me if my Peonies are 'open' or 'closed', I will say 'open'-- it is nature after all.

Undoubtedly, there may be some that are closed as tightly as a clenched fist and those never open. I'm sure you can guess what happens in this scenario.

I get blamed because they didn't open and for that, I should give their money back. If that were the case I would have zero business.

The truth is we make beautiful arrangements and as a part of our amazing service we text a picture. It may not be the best picture, but we sincerely try. The only thing we can guarantee about every single flower is that it will eventually die:( It's sad I know. What we also do is send a "care card" reminding the recipient how to make the flowers last longer.

At the shop we have fresh flowers every day and try very hard (and we are pretty successful at it) to get rid of our flowers by the end of the day, giving our customers the best product we possibly can.

These are all things the picture does not convey, besides perhaps not displaying the true beauty of the floral design. What can I say? We make every effort to give you the absolute best flowers we can find. Of course, if you are not satisfied, we will give your money back. But please don't expect to keep the flowers too:(