We are a happy local small business.

September 30, 2014

It has been a while since our last post but there’s a good reason for that—business has been amazing! Thank you Austin for all of your support.

Having said that, unfortunately we aren't for everyone. I've come to the realization that we can't please everyone. We try, but it is just not possible. So to make sure we are compatible, I want to share a bit about who Mercedes Flowers is.

We are a small business and we love being small. To me, being small is like living in a small town where everybody knows your name. I love that I am able to speak with every single one of my customers. That's the best part of my day. Seeing all the local neighbors swing by—some just to say hi—makes me smile each and every single time.

Being a small flower shop means we have two big coolers… that’s it! I don't have an endless room for storage, so I don't have an endless amount of flowers. We try and stay pretty well stocked, but sometimes we do become a flower shop with very few flowers, usually every day after 4. My goal every morning is to start with a fresh batch of flowers, aiming for them to have a home by noon. My afternoon delivery arrives at 1 PM and arrangements go out by 3 PM. The bottom line is, if you want fresh flowers, that’s what you’ll get at Mercedes Flowers.

We also aim to be your neighborhood florist. We sell everything by the stem, so you can buy as many flowers as you want—or just a single stem. Whatever makes you happy.

That's what makes us small.

The flowers we carry are extremely special to me. I don't carry your typical "grocery store flowers." Why not? Because you can get those at the grocery store. I carry flowers from all over the world, flowers that are more unique and harder to find. That's probably the biggest part of my business—the miles these beauties travel to get to my shop. I don't have the space to bring in all the flowers I wish I could bring in...one day perhaps!

So when you come to my shop you may find a cooler filled with beauties or it may be one that is fairly empty. It really depends on how busy our day has been. And that’s indicative of the demand for the special buds I bring into the shop.

The best thing to do if you are in need of something specific or just need a lot of flowers, call me! I will do everything in my power to get you what you want.

If you are looking for a wide variety of choices and a walk in cooler from which to get your flowers, we may not be the shop for you. If you are looking for a super duper good bargain, we probably aren't the shop for you.

Because we bring in quality flowers from all over the world, they aren’t inexpensive. And though I would like to cut everyone a deal, since I love my customers, my small business would go under quickly. I invest in my flowers and expect my customers are willing to do the same.

Maybe I've gone a bit off topic—but perhaps not really.

Being a small business allows me to care so incredibly much that I can talk with a customer and let them know when we are not the right shop for them. There is nothing wrong with that. It is our goal to speak the truth, speak with passion and speak from the heart. And if you are going to be harsh or unpleasant because my pricing offends you, we encourage you to find a flower shop that will make you happy.

Being small doesn’t mean that it is ok to offend me or expect that I will say yes to everything you ask.

Small means a lot of hard work. It means a lot of hope and a lot of praying. So when you come to Mercedes Flowers, just know we are truly a small local business and extremely proud to be one! We may not have coupons or the deal of the day, but you will get a deal, I promise—the deal of beautiful, unique flowers!